Content Warning: New Horror Game From The Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Devs; Still Free! [VIDEO]

There’s still a few hours left to add Landfall’s new cooperative horror game, Content Warning to your Steam account before it hits the price tag… so this looks like a bold (and, judging by early player numbers, successful) strategy.


Become famous or die trying! Content Warning is a cooperative horror game where you and your friends film scary stuff and try to go viral. Team up, customize your face with the ASCII face customizer, buy some gear, and use the diving bell to descend into the Old World! Down there you’ll encounter scary physics-animated monsters, cursed relics and other artifacts!

Film as many scary things as you can before you run out of oxygen or friends… If you survive, you must get back into the diving bell to bring you and the rest of your team to the surface. Upload your footage to SpookTube and wait for the hits to start rolling in! Each run lasts three days, so the more spooky stuff you film, the more you go viral. With the ad revenue from your SpookTube videos, you can upgrade your equipment to make better videos and survive in the Old World. If your team gets enough views in three days, you can continue your SpookTube career!

Landfall, the developers of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, offers cooperative gameplay for 2-4 players in Content Warning, with the option for voice chat. There will be plenty of flashlights, but less glory, and the interesting thing is that you can add the game to your Steam account for free until 9 AM Pacific today! The pull of Landfall has worked so well that Content Warning has become one of the top-ranked games since its release, and will be $8 after the free period.

Source: Gematsu, Steam

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