Project “Stargate”: Could This Be The World’s Most Expensive Supercomputer?!

TECH NEWS – The “Stargate” system planned for 2028 will take computing and data management to a new level…



The basis of the “Stargate” plan is the most ambitious alliance in the field of artificial intelligence, which was created between Microsoft and OpenAI. The two companies have been working together since 2019. In recent months, we have seen that the company created by Bill Gates has given an extraordinary vote of confidence to the creators of ChatGPT. This resulted in a multi-year contract that provides the latter with billions of dollars annually.

Unfortunately, however, one of the incentives in the contract did not materialize, and despite the huge investment, they were unable to catch up with Google.

As Reuters points out in a recent publication, Microsoft and OpenAI are behind “Stargate”, a supercomputer powered by artificial intelligence. The latter instrument is on a historical budget scale: 100 billion euros. The structure is currently in the early stages of design. However, some details have already been revealed: it will be a supercomputer powered by artificial intelligence, it will house millions of next-generation chips, and if nothing goes wrong, it will be operational by 2028.


“Stargate” is an unprecedented investment in the industry


As he points out in a Reuters brief, there is no precedent for such a huge investment to create a supercomputer. A few months ago, Europe announced its intention to build one. However, it falls far short of the capabilities offered by “Stargate”. In fact, they will have to innovate in areas such as server racks (making them denser) and cooling. This is because the assumed computing workload causes heat gain, which requires better ventilation.

Either way, the investment required to create a supercomputer will be twice the annual expenditure Microsoft assumes for its global Azure infrastructure. (Regarding the latter, it is “just” 50 billion euros.) However, their intention is to create the world’s most powerful supercomputer with artificial intelligence. This will give the green light to a data centre that is more ambitious than any of its competitors. As for the chips that operate it, they are already negotiating with NVIDIA and AMD, which technology giant they will choose.

Source: Reuters

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