Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Another Perk For Subscribers

Microsoft has done this before, but in any case, the Redmond-based company is giving people who subscribe to the more expensive version of the service a convenient way to do something other than play games.


When subscribers look under the Perks tab on their profile, they’ll find a page offering three months of YouTube Premium for free. At first glance, this sounds good, but there’s a slight twist: If you’ve previously subscribed to ad-free YouTube (there’s another way: it’s called uBlock Origin, despite Google’s objections that the platform doesn’t allow ad-blocking software), or if you’ve already tried it for free via YouTube during your own three-month free trial, you won’t be able to activate YouTube Premium via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The offer can be activated until May 22. Microsoft has done this before, as there was a similar offer through Game Pass Ultimate in 2021. YouTube Premium is available for $14 per month or $140 per year if you want to save some money in the long run.

YouTube Premium removes the ads from your videos. You can download them and watch them in the background (there’s an alternative you don’t have to pay for…), and you can stream music ad-free through the YouTube Music app if you don’t prefer Spotify. There are three other benefits to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Persona 3 Reload gets you the Expansion Pass for free, Super Animale Royale gets the Spring Perks Pack, and Smite gets the Netherbeasts Perk.

So if you haven’t been watching YouTube without commercials (we don’t recommend it), you can now experience it. Otherwise, Xbox Game Pass has been getting some decent titles lately, such as Terra Invicta, Diablo IV, Hot Wheels Unleashed 2, and Open Roads, with Ark: Survival Ascended following today.

Source: GameSpot

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