Serious Problems At Apex Legends – The Developers Have Spoken!

Apex Legends announced on social media that the servers are now up and working to restore progress.



These are tough times for Apex Legends and its creators. In addition to layoffs and reorganizations affecting Respawn Entertainment’s shooter, a few hours ago the servers of EA’s shooter went down. Because the system completely crashed with the last update. However, that seems to be a thing of the past, as everything is now back to normal.

Respawn’s official account apologized to the community in a series of tweets and announced that the servers were back up and running. “We messed up! In order to resolve an account data loss issue, we are temporarily taking the servers offline. Fear not! We are deploying a fast fix to restore progress and content to affected accounts, but players will not be able to connect to the game during this time”, they announced this morning.

A few hours later, the following response was given to this post: “Thank you for your patience! We have deployed a fix and the servers are back online! As a result of this evening’s rollback, we’re working to restore progress made throughout the course of yesterday”, they wrote. They also announced that they were forced to “postpone the new ranked game and will launch it at a later date.


Apex Legends is now playable


Respawn Entertainment wanted to update the game with the typical content patch. But one problem many players faced was that all content and progress was lost on their accounts. Those affected still have to wait for the restoration. Thus, they lost their Battle Pass, rank, and more. Fortunately, this will all be fixed soon and the servers are currently up and running again. All of this happens at a strange time, as the game was right in the middle of an official tournament.

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