Ghostbusters – The Frozen Empire – Did the New Ghostbusters Movie Turn Out to Be Spooktacularly Funny?

MOVIE REVIEW – We need not worry about a chilly reception for “Ghostbusters – The Frozen Empire” as the co-ed team of monster hunters fills the realm of chills with a warm embrace. This is essential since some of the jokes were put on ice, leaving us with situational humor and witty remarks.


I have a sneaking suspicion that the franchise is held together by its theme song, and without it, we might only remember the green ‘snackable’ ghost. In 2016, the playful ease was reinterpreted by a team of women who ribbed each other with jokes. Though I dreaded watching it initially, it turned out to be quite watchable with its clumsy traits. I must add that at that point, the series began to parody itself. But since we are talking about an action-comedy, that was precisely its role. The bold innovation received mixed reactions, leading to a pressing of the infamous reset button as if a ritual had occurred.



The Tension Grows, The Calm Stays Male


My greatest wish is for the female characters from 2016 to return as B-list reinforcements, adding a surreal touch if they ended up being the only ones who could help. Meanwhile, Kate ‘MC’ McKinnon might re-rap through the Lower East Side. Returning to the Y generation and chromosomes, New York’s safety is at stake. A ghost as gritty as a legend takes the spotlight, with winter approaching the streets as if Sub Zero were touring, known not for making friends. The quartet resides in a firehouse, the lowest common multiple being a 15-year-old girl who finds her identity faster than her first ghost. The air literally sizzles around her. A phlegmatic teenager plays chess with her in the park, and they slowly earn each other’s trust. They couldn’t really go anywhere else, though we hear whispers of illegal intrusions and being in the same dimension. After all, love is love, and it should be pursued with heart and ‘soul’.



From Women with Women to Woman with Woman


It will soon be utterly normal to wander in a fairytale castle with a bearded princess amid symbolic scenery, shedding a tear if, in the end, a person falls in love with another person. Let’s not be too strict or exclusive, though. Standing up for rights is fine; I was more concerned about the frosty reception faced by the 15-year-old character. But the youngest girl prevails, one would think, though a long road leads there. For instance, catching runaway spirits outside the city library, one hiding in a stone lion. I would be quite surprised if a guardian statue of the Chain Bridge suddenly started attacking after just being ‘seen’. It was one of my favorite scenes, although the film was occasionally gloomy, which the writers took too seriously.



Dragonball, Fire Wizard, Mortal Kombat


Nothing is entirely new under the sun, just the moon in the sky, especially if it’s made of cheese, and nobody is fishing on it. This was just to hint that we are living in an era of oversaturated fantastical elements, with motifs rotating like a revolving stage, independent of the manufacturer, without borrowing, almost unspoken. One main monster (which is no longer just a ghost) eerily resembles a Mortal Kombat series arch-enemy, a blend of Slender Man and Minotaur. Fire is effective against it but from a brass cannon, in a universe where the Tin Man is the fire wizard, and if it were a Hungarian film, we’d already be hearing Dr. BRS remixes in the background. Nevertheless, Ghostbusters: The Frozen Empire is amusing, albeit a bit grim, but not too scary. Its gingerbread-like monsters won’t send chills running down your spine.



Familiar Faces Against Unknowns


One of the main actors, Paul Rudd, who also plays Ant-Man, appears in the film alongside Bill Murray, who was seen by the public in the classic 1984 edition. I had no issues with the film’s length, although it could have been lighter to flow better. The characters aren’t very deep, but they do what’s required. After all, this isn’t a drama but an action-comedy. However, the smile seemed a bit frozen on this title. I’m not sure what would make the Ghostbusters feel authentic, but I didn’t feel the full impact. It would need more laughter and more touching, moving moments. You could feel the effort in the latter, but the snowdrop hasn’t bloomed yet.



Blockbuster or Just Ghostbuster?


I sat in a ScreenX for the press screening, which was quite a spectacle, but it’s annoying that the sidewalls still have sound-absorbing soft panels, not screens. The corners could use a short, curved solution. It felt like playing a car simulator at home with three monitors, though undoubtedly more captivating. The actions provided a surround visual experience, almost as if the wall contributed to it. During the big screening, I started drinking the beverage of the person next to me, but then we peacefully swapped. I also ran into an old friend who truly looked the part of a ghostbuster. I knew his character was Egon, and instead of assurances, we shook hands and played with toy weapons.

-Jay P. Sonix-



Ghostbusters – The Frozen Empire

Direction - 5.7
Actors - 6.3
Story - 5.8
Visuals/Music/Sounds - 6.6
Ambience - 6.9



I had no problem with the film's longer duration, although it could have been lighter to flow better. The characters aren't very deep, but they deliver the essentials. However, the smile seemed a bit frozen on this title. Twice as much laughter and more touching, moving moments were needed. You could feel the effort in the latter, but the snowdrop hasn't bloomed yet.

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