Are Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s Sales Underperforming?

Although the second act of Final Fantasy VII Remake received very good reviews, we hear that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is not selling as well as Square Enix expected.


The game has an average score of 92/100 on Metacritic, which is higher than Final Fantasy VII Remake (89/100). However, Daniel Ahmad, research director at Niko Partners, claims that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is not selling as well as its predecessor. He wrote on Twitter that it has sold about half as much since its release as Final Fantasy VII Remake did in the same period, and barring a possible PlayStation Plus appearance, that won’t improve in the future. This is according to his usual data tracking sources. In March, it only managed fifth place in UK sales (while Helldivers 2 topped the list).

There are several reasons for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s unusual performance. Final Fantasy VII Remake was released in April 2020, during the pandemic, and at the time the gaming industry was experiencing a huge boom due to quarantines, and the PlayStation 4 had already sold a lot by then, while the PlayStation 5 has half the user base of its predecessor. Maybe that’s why the PC port will be faster.

We also learned from the Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania book that the main story for the third part of the remake is already finished, and according to creative director Tetsuya Nomura, they will start recording the voices in the near future. Yoshinori Kitase, a veteran producer of the franchise, has suggested something important that wasn’t in the original game, and Nomura is thinking about how to implement it, but he believes that if the execution is good, people will be happy. Kitase hopes that quality doesn’t have to be sacrificed for a faster release, and he thinks that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth had an efficient development period because the remake team continued their work (and they’re not changing the team for the third installment). Rebirth was completed in three years because they worked on the DLC for a year, and he hopes they can keep that time frame now.

The third part of the Final Fantasy VII remake (we guess it will be called Reunion) could be released in 2027. This also seems appropriate because it would allow Square Enix to time it to the 30th anniversary of the original’s release.

Source: WCCFTech, VGC

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