Grand Theft Auto VI: Fans Recreated the Trailer in Real Life! [VIDEO]

Rockstar Games’ next game already has such a huge fan base that some people spent an entire week in Miami recreating the trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI scene by scene, with one exception.


Grand Theft Auto VI has generated so much interest that the first video of the game, despite being leaked, was viewed over sixty million times in twelve hours on YouTube. Andrew Levitt, a blogger and YouTuber, was so passionate about the new GTA that he recreated the launch video, and it took a lot of work. He didn’t create the video (which is now age-restricted, so you need a Google account AND your age to authenticate…) scene by scene in another game, but shot it in real life.

Levitt and his friend Jake spent a week in Miami and even managed to recreate the drone footage with complete accuracy, but they couldn’t get everything right. The bikini-clad lady scene was left out, although Levitt did find the house. The problem is that a night in the apartment next to the penthouse would have cost $4,733, and not even a tour was allowed. This is discussed in the second behind-the-scenes video.

Levitt wasn’t the first to try this, as a French YouTube user, CyrilMP4, put together a similar video in January, but it wasn’t quite as authentic. However, the fact that Levitt was able to so accurately recreate what Rockstar Games has created in real life is a testament to how authentically they have recreated the various Miami neighborhoods that make up Vice City in the game.

Grand Theft Auto VI is the most anticipated game in gaming today. Since GTA V was released in September 2013 (with several ports later), it’s really time for the next installment. It will be released in 2025 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox series, with a PC port to follow.

Source: PCGamer

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