Was Fallout 4’s Male Protagonist a War Criminal? [VIDEO]

An unexpected tweet from Fallout 4 lead writer Emil Pagliarulo has raised some eyebrows, but it’s worth reading the full story from start to finish because it’s a bit complicated.


Pagliarulo wrote that the male protagonist character in Fallout 4 was involved in the illegal American invasion of Canada and participated in the unlawful execution of a Canadian partisan. There is a previously unknown connection between Fallout and Fallout 4. The opening cinematic from Fallout (which we’ve embedded below the paragraph) also shows that it’s the same gentleman (not the one who shot).

Two soldiers in the iconic T-51 armor with an unarmed prisoner. One has a pistol, the other (that would be the Fallout 4 character) has a plasma rifle. The gunslinger executes the captive, and then both individuals realize the camera is rolling, so they wave in celebration. Then there were commercials in the intro, while the TV zoomed out to show a bombed-out city, typical of Fallout’s setting and ironic humor. And in Fallout 4, we get to choose between a married couple with defined histories and personalities; the other member is in the game as an NPC. Our female protagonist is a successful lawyer, and the male is involved in the American invasion of China.

But a short time later, Pagliarulo shared something else on Twitter. He wanted to share what he thought was an exciting detail about Fallout, without realizing how divisive it could be. According to him, not all of the information he shares about Fallout is considered canon, and he confirmed that the male protagonist of Fallout 4 is named Nate and is NOT a war criminal. Of course, this does not exonerate the other character, who will most likely be forgotten, who executed the imprisoned character in the Fallout intro…

What is the moral of this story? Maybe that there are a lot of insider secrets in game development that the public may never know about, and if Pagliarulo hadn’t written about them, this probably would have been one of them.

Source: PCGamer

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