Will Electronic Arts’ Black Panther be an Open-World Game?

Cliffhanger Games (with developers from the Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor team) will most likely use an open-world model for their previously announced Black Panther game, which has no release date.


Electronic Arts’ job posting is for a Principal Sandbox Designer position, suggesting that Black Panther could be open-world. The successful candidate will design, prototype, and implement AI systems, encounters, and gameplay mechanics that contribute to a rich sandbox environment. Work closely with the AI engineering team to create sophisticated AI behaviors that enhance the open-world experience, from urban crowds to wildlife ecosystems. Collaborate with game designers to ensure that sandbox elements support and enrich narrative and gameplay objectives. Work with technical artists to seamlessly integrate visual and environmental elements into sandbox designs to ensure a cohesive and immersive world.

Support the development of systems and templates for dynamic events and interactions that respond to player actions and contribute to a living, breathing game world. Work with mission and encounter designers to implement specific gameplay features where encounters and sandbox systems overlap, ensuring a cohesive gameplay experience. Work with the design team to integrate sandbox dynamics into mission design, facilitating seamless transitions between structured missions and open-world exploration.

Provide mentorship and technical guidance to other designers, sharing expertise in sandbox design and Unreal Engine tools. Maintain documentation and best practices for sandbox design processes and systems, facilitating knowledge sharing and efficiency across the team.

Since “open-world” is mentioned several times, it’s certainly a direction the game, which is being worked on by Cliffhanger Games, founded in 2021, could go in. The studio is headed by Kevin Stephens. He previously led Monolith during the development of the two Middle-earth games. Hopefully we won’t be disappointed with the game adaptation of Marvel’s superhero.

Source: VGC, Gr8people

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