Silo: Rebecca Ferguson Reveals The Future Of The Acclaimed Apple TV+ Series!

MOVIE NEWS – Silo star Rebecca Ferguson suggests that the third and fourth seasons of the Apple TV+ apocalyptic sci-fi series will be filmed back-to-back, giving the story a real closure…



The Silo series on Apple TV+ was one of the most successful new sci-fi series of 2023. It quickly got the green light for a second season, which is expected to premiere in 2025. However, the series star, Rebecca Ferguson, believes that the acclaimed production could run much longer.

Based on Hugh Howey’s Wool trilogy, Silo takes place in a huge underground vault after an apocalyptic event has rendered the Earth’s surface uninhabitable.

Speaking to Collider, Ferguson was asked about the future of the series. During the interview, the actress revealed how long she would like the hit series to continue. The actress said: “Unless any Apple person is gonna jump on, I think we’re absolutely fine with saying Season 1, we’ve done. Season 2 is shot and coming out, and we’re now looking at green- lighting Seasons 3 and 4. And I think we would film them maybe together, and that would be the end.” Ferguson didn’t reveal details about future plot points, saying only:

“I believe that the show has an ending, and I know when that is.”

Ferguson has confirmed that Silo Season 2 has wrapped filming. In the same interview, he said that he didn’t want fans to have to wait too long for the new season. He stated: “The point would be to give the people what they want to get, so we don’t have too much of a gap.” An official release date has not yet been announced. However, it is currently known that the 2nd season will be released sometime in late 2024 or early 2025.


Rebecca Ferguson’s Silo is part of the apocalyptic sci-fi boom


Science fiction and post-apocalyptic stories have always been popular in Hollywood. However, in recent years, apocalyptic science fiction narratives have drastically increased. Especially TV series.

Apple TV+ helped start this trend when it released Foundation (based on Issac Asimov’s acclaimed novel trilogy) and The Invasion in 2021.

However, in the year 2023, the trend reached new highs. HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us, released in January 2023, is widely considered one of the best zombie series of all time. His success was followed by the first season of the Apple TV+ series The Silo, which was nominated for several awards. At the beginning of this year, Netflix released its “hard sci-fi” series entitled 3 Body Problem. Last week also saw the release of Prime Video’s series Fallout, which showed us a retro-futuristic twist on a nuclear apocalypse.

There are many more apocalyptic stories on the horizon. As previously mentioned, the 2nd season of The Silo is expected in early 2025, if not earlier. Also coming out in 2025 is The Last of Us Season 2, an adaptation of the second game in Naughty Dog’s beloved video game franchise. 3 Body Problem and Fallout are also expected to get a second season, although nothing has been officially announced yet.

Source: Collider

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