Fallout’s Creator Praises the TV Show [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Tim Cain has defended the show’s creators for the changes they have made to Fallout, saying that it is a good thing to accept because he and we have had nothing to do with the IP for a long time.


Cain spent an entire video talking about the Amazon Prime Video Fallout TV show, which already has a second season in the works and will feature an enemy type that was left out of the first season (this was in the news the other day). He likes it, and he’s not too bothered by the inconsistencies that pop up in the timeline. It’s easy to write post-apocalyptic stuff that doesn’t fit Fallout, and he sees the three main characters as suited to different players.

Lucy is a diplomat with good karma, Maximus is a tank in power armor looking out for his own interests, and Ghoul is a homeless killer “maxing out” on small arms. Cain apparently recorded his thoughts before the Season 2 announcement, as he was excited about the potential sequel and then gave his thoughts on the TV show’s timeline. The New California Republic (NCR) was hit by some sort of cataclysm in Fallout: New Vegas, and Bethesda developers have said twice that the game and its events have all happened.

Instead, Cain talked about who fired the first shot in the nuclear war of 2077. He didn’t really agree with the revelation, but other than that, the timeline doesn’t really bother him. Maybe it’s just the dates that are wrong, either in the games or in the Amazon series, and he thinks that’s appropriate because one of the elements of Fallout is that in a lot of games, the characters are telling us something that’s just not true. Cain says that lore drift happens in all major IPs, pointing to Star Wars as an example. He says it’s hard to pick a canon ending for open-ended games (like Fallout: New Vegas) because we don’t know what combination of endings Amazon used.



The show’s creators have achieved their goal: even some of the original creators like it…

Source: PCGamer

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