Star Wars Outlaws: Details Of Space Battles Finally Revealed!

Each planet or moon in Star Wars Outlaws has orbits that serve as areas to explore.



One of the most important video games of the year will be released on August 30, 2024. Star Wars Outlaws promises to be an exciting Han Solo-style action-adventure game. In the past few days, the news broke that Jabba’s mission will be available only to those who pay for the version of the game which costs more than 100 euros. Recently, however, new interesting information has come to light, this time about ships and space combat.

One of the most surprising moments during the launch of Star Wars Outlaws was when protagonist Kay Vess took her ship and went straight into space.

Game Informer took a closer look at these features. Everything new we know indicates that the game will be even better, thanks to the multiple options with which we will be able to drive the ship. The first thing we know is that Kay’s ship is designed to be “accessible, fun and action-packed.”

In addition, orbits around each planet or moon serve as explorable areas. This adds even more depth to the game. In addition, each such track is said to be “full of things to do”. After all, there will be points of interest, battles to be fought, and secrets to be found. When we reach the limit of an orbit, the ship will activate hyperspace to go to another planet/moon. This will provide a dynamic experience. At the same time, they also clarified that this way, we can travel wherever we want “at any time”. Moreover, Ubisoft explained what sets SW Outlaws apart from other Star Wars games. They say, “The key lies in decision-making.”


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We will also find large space stations in space where we can land. There, you will find side quests, vendors, etc. As expected, the battles we face will vary depending on who we face. Some will be smaller, while others will be true “epic-sized” space battles. Last but not least, Ubisoft announced that Star Wars Outlaws will receive two post-release expansions.

Source: Game Informer

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