Will Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League End The Arkhamverse?!

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League seriously damaged the Arkhamverse, but it probably won’t be the end of Rocksteady’s DC universe.



Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League created an interesting situation. When Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight came out in 2015, it really felt like the end of an era. A trilogy of the best superhero video games of all time, accompanied by some significant spinoffs and prequels developed by other studios, the Batman: Arkham Universe has had a great run overall.

Although it was criticised then for overdoing the Batmobile gameplay, Batman: Arkham Knight was a great swan song for the beloved series.

Then came Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. After years of speculation surrounding Rocksteady’s next project, in 2020, it was finally revealed that the renowned studio was working on a four-player co-op game centred around Task Force X, better known as the Suicide Squad. Some fans were initially disappointed. But the Suicide Squad: KtJL trailer, the concept of them returning to the Arkhamverse once again, was enough to get most people excited. Even now, after the game’s disappointing launch, many fans still hope it will one day return to the Arkhamverse. However, a possible return would be tougher now.


Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice might not be the end for the Arkhamverse


Finishing the game leaves Rocksteady Arkhamverse in a difficult position. During the main story, Task Force X makes good on its promise and wipes out each member of the Justice League one by one. With no more Justice League and, more importantly, no Batman, the Arkhamverse feels a little empty. Granted, that may not be the case for much longer.

Although Rocksteady has yet to confirm it officially, several leaks over the past few months suggest that Justice League will be returning in the near future.

All members of the Justice League are said to be returning to the Arkhamverse as part of the seasonal updates to the live service after the release of Suicide Squad: KtJL. Their dead companions will actually be clones created by Brainiac…

There are several ways for Rocksteady to bring the Justice League and Batman back to the Arkhamverse, especially with the door open to DC’s Elseworlds multiverse. From a strictly narrative standpoint, the Arkhamverse really doesn’t need to end with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Rocksteady still has the chance to make the long-awaited Superman game, or another Batman: Arkham game, or even another Suicide Squad game at this point.

While it may seem like Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League burned all of the Arkhamverse’s bridges, they can easily be fixed with a few multiverse tweaks.


Sales of Suicide Squad may affect the survival of the Arkhamverse rather


Much more affecting the Arkhamverse is the reception of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Just weeks after the game’s release, Warner Bros. CFO Gunnar Wiedenfels publicly stated that the game had “fallen short of [Warner Bros.’] expectations.” While not necessarily the best point to extrapolate from, Suicide Squad’s number of players on Steam exemplifies this statement.

The live-action content of the first season of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League also received a sea of complaints upon release. The return of Rocksteady, which should have been triumphant, does not face very bright prospects…

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