Blizzard May Be Working On A New, Unannounced Game?!

There are no details on the new Blizzard game yet, but it is understood to be in the early stages of development.



We could talk for a long time about Blizzard, specifically about its franchises, its legacy, its popularity, or simply speculate about its future. In fact, this article more or less points in the latter direction. Because the company has even more projects that it is secretly preparing. Today, we will introduce you to what has come to light following the information contained in a recently published job advertisement.

As reported by VGC, a job posting revealed that Blizzard is working on a new, unannounced video game.

As expected, there are no details on this title. It is not yet known if it is a new IP or if it will be a new part of an already-known license, such as Diablo, Warcraft or Starcraft. The company is currently looking for several directors. Among other things, creative, narrative, design and art director (via HazzadorGamin).

These vacancies already indicate that the project is in the early stages of development. But beyond that, nothing can be known. It’s worth noting that Xbox cancelled a Blizzard game that had been in development for over six years. We’re talking about a survival title called Odyssey, which was supposed to be “a combination of Minecraft and Rust, but much more polished and with fewer bugs.” The development team naturally had high hopes for the game, which was cancelled by Microsoft.


The old Blizzard rule for developing new games


A few days ago, Blizzard’s old rule for greenlighting new games was revealed, according to which they must generate at least $1 billion in revenue. If the company has released few video games in recent years, according to Scott Goffman, an industry veteran who spent a decade at the now Microsoft-owned company, it’s because of that rule. However, it is unknown if this rule is still in effect today under the Xbox umbrella.

Source: VGC, X

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