Rebel Moon 2: Why Is It A Big Hit On Netflix Despite Terrible Reviews?!

MOVIE NEWS – Despite its dismal critical reception, Rebel Moon 2 is convincing and entertaining enough to make it back into Netflix’s top 10 list.



Directed by Zack Snyder, Rebel Moon 2 (that is, its official title, Rebel Moon: Part Two – The Scargiver) recently landed on Netflix. Even the reviews of the first part were not very optimistic. Nevertheless, based on the streaming numbers of the action-packed film, it performed well in the Netflix Top 10 list. The second part of the franchise continues right where the first, Rebel Moon: Part One – A Child of Fire, left off. All this is true not only for the plot of the film. But also for its popularity…

On Rotten Tomatoes, the first film currently sits at 21% with critics and 57% with viewers, while the second film sits at 15% with critics and 52% with viewers.

It is clear that neither film has the best score. However, there is something about each film that audiences clearly enjoy more than critics. In addition to the die-hard Snyder fans who flock to Netflix to watch his latest creation, casual viewers are also enjoying the film. Despite criticism of the film’s dialogue, poor character development, and excessive use of slow motion, streaming numbers remain high. As such, there is something compelling and entertaining about Rebel Moon 2 that audiences will continue to enjoy.


The action scenes in Rebel Moon 2 are amazing


By far, the most compelling aspect of Rebel Moon 2 is the action scenes. Even though the film struggles with dialogue and overall character development, it manages to keep viewers engaged with its stunning visuals and intense action. Almost half of the two-hour film consists of visually stunning action scenes. These manage to add to the film’s overall narrative, which ultimately redeems it, at least in a way.

Such scenes in no way save the film from falling. However, they allow the viewer to focus on what the film actually does well.



Rebel Moon 2



Your characters may be snarky in everyday conversation, but they’re instantly in their element when things start blowing up, and they’re forced to face their enemies.

The action scenes serve as a fun distraction from the lacklustre moments scattered throughout the film. The audience easily overlooks the flat narrative when a well-placed and perfectly executed action scene emerges. Moreover, since the film’s action really moves the story forward, the scenes are irresistibly enjoyable to watch. Not only are they visually stunning, but they add complexity to an otherwise dull narrative. Finally, they provide the necessary plot that viewers want to see. Other action movies seem to do the opposite. All of this makes Rebel Moon 2 unique, and is probably a huge reason why viewers keep the film on their Netflix Top 10 list.


Zack Snyder’s cinema is good home entertainment


Given the scope of Rebel Moon’s universe, there are many aspects of Synder’s vision that audiences can easily fall in love with. There are different characters and worlds with specific backgrounds that all come together in the film, thanks to Kora. However, the execution of each narrative never seems to come together the way viewers want it to. Regardless, the film remains good home entertainment.

Since viewers are watching the movie at home, the stakes are low. They didn’t spend money on movie tickets or concessions, which means their expectations of the movie are different than if they went to the movies. Basically, the standard of entertainment seems to be generally lower for direct streaming movies.

As a result, audiences are less likely to be overly critical of a film with impressive action scenes as long as they are mildly entertained.

Despite its faults, Rebel Moon 2 can be entertaining if viewers take it for what it’s worth. Especially when watching at home. If they focus on the action scenes and go in with the right expectations, the experience can be positive for viewers. The film is successful in terms of viewership, and the franchise may continue with further parts. Snyder has repeatedly said that his world spans six films.

Therefore, viewing the latest film as a backdrop for something bigger and possibly better will help viewers enjoy Snyder’s work more. Viewers have nothing to lose when watching at home, which makes the film a good home entertainment. The two Rebel Moon episodes are currently streaming on Netflix.

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