Todd Howard’s Latest Hint Will Get Fallout Fans Really Excited! [VIDEO]

According to gamers, Todd Howard’s comment refers to the Fallout 3 remaster, which has already been leaked as part of Microsoft’s plans in its lawsuit against the FTC.



Fallout fever continues, and it looks like it will for many months to come, for several reasons. Partly, post-apocalyptic RPGs are such enjoyable titles, and Prime Video’s Fallout series was the perfect excuse for many gamers to get back into the wasteland. However, too many players want more adventures, meaning new games, and it’s clear that Bethesda’s next instalment is still a long way off. However, Todd Howard made an exciting comment regarding the franchise’s future.

Bethesda boss Todd Howard’s recent statement indicated that several Fallout projects may be in the works simultaneously.

Players want Fallout 5. Bethesda knows this, too, but the studio’s head made it clear that “they can’t do everything at the same time.” Instead, in a recent interview with Kinda Funny Games, Howard seemed to hint that another Fallout is in the works.

“We look at what we’re doing with the Fallout franchise and then say if we still feel good about it. I can’t reveal it right now, but that’s where we’re headed for Fallout as a franchise. We study what we are going to do with this. But when these projects will land is anyone’s guess. If I could snap my fingers and have them all ready, I would. But the most important thing is how to deliver them with a high level of quality. That’s always the most important thing.” (via IGN).


Will Todd Howard ever make a Fallout 3 Remaster?


Back in September of last year, it was reported that a leak related to the Xbox lawsuit revealed new, unannounced games from Bethesda, including Fallout 3 Remaster. The document also revealed exciting titles such as The Elder Scrolls Oblivion remaster, a new Dishonored, and several other titles.

Given that Bethesda is currently focused primarily on The Elder Scrolls 6 (which is in early production), as well as releasing the Starfield expansion and new updates, it wouldn’t be surprising if the company years down the line with the second season of Prime Video’s Fallout series. It would release a Fallout 3 remaster simultaneously, bringing the community back to Fallout 5, which could possibly be released from 2030. At the same time, it was recently heard that the production might be outsourced. (As they did with New Vegas at the time.)

Source: YouTube, IGN

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