Could Russell Crowe’s Exorcist Horror Movie Get A Sequel?! The Producer Speaks

MOVIE NEWS – The Pope’s Exorcist, released in 2023, has already gained a cult reputation among horror fans and inspired many memes on the Internet…



Even though it wasn’t released until 2023, The Pope’s Exorcist has already achieved a cult status that few horror films have waited years for. The film won the hearts of moviegoers largely thanks to Russell Crowe’s authentic performance as Father Gabriele Amorth. Not to mention that many Internet memes were made about it, which made Russell Crowe sitting on a moped the characteristic image of the film. For those who were worried that the papal demon hunter would not return, fear not! It looks like a sequel to The Pope’s Exorcist is already in the works.

Producer Jeff Katz has confirmed on social media that he has officially received the holy calling to make a sequel to The Pope’s Exorcist.

Katz’s tweet reads: “Amorth Nation — I just got the call. IT’S OFFICIALLY HAPPENING. Thank you to the amazing [The Pope’s Exorcist] fans. You made this happen. Gas up your Lambretta — get ready to ride.”

Katz even entertained a fan question about the sequel’s title. The producer said that he would like the naming of the sequels to follow the naming system of the Planet of the Apes films. Katz said, “I personally want to go Planet of the Apes with it so you would get stuff like Pray for the Pope’s Exorcist or Heaven Help the Pope’s Exorcist and the like. But that’s just me.”

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