The Rogue Prince of Persia: Delayed Early Access Launch due to Another Game!

Evil Empire has admitted that the Early Access period for their game based on the Ubisoft IP has been delayed a bit because of another title, but at least it’s an honest reason from the developers.


So far, the plan was for the recently announced The Rogue Prince of Persia to be available in Early Access on Steam from May 14th. This will not be the case, as the game has been given a slight delay, but not so severe that it will slip into 2025. In fact, it will launch in early access later this month, but we don’t know exactly which day. Evil Empire’s announcement also details which games have caused the change in plans:

“Hello everyone. It’s been a bit of a crazy week for us! It all started with the release of a little game called Hades II – you may have heard of it? Since everyone and their mom is playing this game (including our entire team… and their moms), we decided to let people have their fun with it before we release The Rogue Prince of Persia. We will still be releasing in May and will come back on Monday with an exact date.

While we have every confidence in The Rogue Prince of Persia, it’s not every day that a game in the same genre as yours, which is one of the most anticipated upcoming games of 2024, goes into Early Access a week before you plan to do the same. We are not proud enough to ignore the implications of this, and we truly believe that this short delay is the best decision for us and our Early Access journey. We also want to give Hades II a head start before we go live, it’s only fair 😉

This will also allow us to continue to polish the game, add more cool stuff, and work out some persistent bugs before release. The Day 1 patch was getting pretty hefty, so having more time to test it and add more stuff before launch day has already lowered our producer and game director’s stress levels considerably! We completely understand that this is annoying news for everyone who was eager to play the game, especially so close to the expected release. We can only throw up our hands, apologize, and hope that you understand. It will be worth the wait! Thank you for your patience,” Evil Empire wrote.

So the surprise early access release of Hades II is the reason for the delay of the Prince. At least they are honest!

Source. Gematsu, Steam

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