New DOOM Announcement Coming from Microsoft in June?

The Redmond-based company will have to do everything it can to regain some of the trust of gamers, because after three studios under Bethesda were closed by Microsoft, they do not see the company in a good light.


On Twitter, Tom Warren, editor of The Verge, suggested that the company is preparing an announcement about id Software’s iconic IP. This is supported by what Microsoft has been quietly doing in the US through ZeniMax, one of its acquired publishers.

It has registered a name with the US Trademark Office, the USPTO: IDKFA. Anyone who has spent much time with DOOM in the past will know what we mean. It was one of the cheats in id Software’s FPS that many people still know today. The other would be IDDQD. Would it be a subtitle for the story that comes after DOOM Eternal? Or something else entirely? We don’t have an answer for that right now.

Previously there was also a leaked schedule that wasn’t accurate in terms of year, but it did show some interesting things: a Fallout 3 remaster (if the IP is popular because of the series on Amazon, it’s plausible), a Ghostwire Tokyo sequel (Tango Gameworks was closed, not much chance of that), Dishonored 3 (Arkane Austin is also dead; Arkane Lyon said a few years ago that they were putting the IP on hiatus. …), a remaster of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (knowing Todd Howard, who knows?), and Doom Year Zero. So would id Software be working on a prequel? Year Zero?

So a new DOOM is coming, and IDKFA could be the name of the DLC, because if Microsoft releases the game with that title, many would miss the brand in the name, because it’s one that many people would recognize. So we are waiting for Microsoft’s announcement. Now they have to put the cart before the horse…

Source: Clawsomegamer, USPTO

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