Overdose: What can we Expect from Kojima’s Xbox Project?

Dusk Golem reported a few months ago on what Kojima knows about one of Hideo Kojima’s games currently in development (because there are several, like Death Stranding 2), but interestingly enough, what he previously posted on Discord has just popped up on Reddit.


According to him, OD (Overdose) was tested in late 2023, and one of the playtesters leaked a lot of details about what he experienced. At the time, the details seemed somewhat plausible, and that was before pictures and videos of the Japanese genius’ game leaked, which wouldn’t be “a Hideo Kojima game” if it didn’t have an unusual, abstract element.

The game was going to be an experimental experience where players would use multimedia to make breakthroughs in the game. There would be long cinematics that would lead to active and passive gameplay of two kinds, the first being where they had to watch and “guide” the characters while using information from other sources, such as web pages, a telephone messaging system that interacted with the game, and help them by changing things in the environment and giving the character instructions. Used cameras through the facility, a third-person tracking camera, and a first-person camera to switch between to also teach your ability to instruct them, and pull things from the game for use outside the game, or outside the game for inside it.

The second gameplay element was the first-person parts, which played more traditionally like a horror game, but with a similar cryptic puzzle-mystery function and lack of cinematics as the first part.

Now, there’s not much to understand from this definition, but that’s why the information seems credible. After all, Kojima’s games have always tried to have an unusual, unique tone and mood. This may have been the case with Silent Hills, which never made it to the finish line, but the playable preview that was shown, the PS4-exclusive PT, which is no longer available on PlayStation Network, is still legendary.

But it’s not official.

Source: Reddit

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