Is Meta Working on a New Wearable AI Device?

TECH NEWS – Mark Zuckerberg’s company is also focusing all its efforts on artificial intelligence, and Meta is competing with others to bring object and speech recognition capabilities to its devices.


Meta is rumored to be working on a new wearable device that uses artificial intelligence. Smart earbuds, possibly headphones, are in the pipeline. The project is codenamed Camerabuds, and the earbuds would be equipped with cameras. It will be very strange if Zuck’s company designs a device that can be plugged into your ear, because it sounds very uncomfortable to have a camera pressed against your earlobe.

The cameras on the device will be used to identify objects. This data could be integrated into other smart systems for their use, and the earpiece could be used as an instant interpreter to help you understand a foreign language. A team is already working on this and has presented several concepts to Zuckerberg, but the Meta boss has not been convinced by the plans so far, according to three Meta employees, The Information reports.

Meta has spent billions of dollars on its Reality Labs segment and is the co-creator of Ray-Ban smart glasses, so it’s no coincidence that Zuck’s company is working on such a device. So far, however, early AI wearables have not received particularly positive reviews. Meta isn’t the only company that believes the future of AI is based on image recognition. OpenAI recently announced an update to GPT-4 that makes GPT-4o more powerful at recognizing video, images, sound, and text.

So it just seems unusual that Meta is making such a device. If the translation function works properly, at least that alone will make Camerabuds useful, although it is not certain that this will be the name of the final product. In fact, it is not even 100% certain that a camera ear/headset will appear. It will not be a cheap device.

Source: PCGamer, The Information

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