Dead By Daylight: Behaviour’s Game Announces Collab with Two IPs [VIDEO]

It’s become commonplace for Behaviour Interactive to collaborate with other IPs (e.g. Resident Evil, Silent Hill), but one of the two just announced is probably not something anyone was expecting.


A new story is about to begin with the first collaboration with Dungeons & Dragons (the IP that was recently used to create Baldur’s Gate 3). Iconic Dungeons & Dragons villain Vecna will impose his deadly will as the new Killer, while a bard, Aestri Yazar, is the new Survivor (alternatively, if you don’t want the elf, choose Baermar Uraz, a human). The exciting new map, Forgotten Ruins, takes players into a mysterious dungeon filled with Easter eggs for fans. Dungeons & Dragons staples such as looting, magical items, and dice rolling are also woven into the gameplay, allowing players to channel their inner adventurer. Players can try out the new Killers, Survivors, and gameplay features in the public test build available now.

Vecna’s thirst for dark knowledge led him to many strange realms, but a clue found by a servant ignited a new obsession. It spoke of an unknown land. A realm of mist, home to an incredible dark energy. Driven to harness this power, Vecna spent endless nights fixated on how to wield it. When he finally found a way in – when the mist came – he was overcome with excitement. He had conquered and ruled countless realms before, so why should this be any different? Vecna knows no fear, for he carries the Book of Vile Darkness with him. With it, and within the realm of the Entity, he can cast four spells.

Fly gives him flying speed for a short time, allowing him to fly over obstacles in his path. Flight of the Damned conjures flying spectral entities that pass through obstacles, inflicting damage on all they hit. Mage Hand creates a hideous, phantasmic hand that performs tasks such as holding and blocking the use of palettes. Dispelling Sphere creates a moving AOE sphere that reveals survivors and disables their magic items.

Whether you choose to play as Aestri or Baermar, they enter the fray with three unique perks. Mirrored Illusion spawns a static copy of the Survivor in front of a totem, chest, generator, or exit gate for a limited time. Bardic Inspiration inspires others with a stirring performance. Roll a d20 and fellow Survivors receive a Skill Check buff based on the result of the roll. And when not in motion, Still Sight allows you to briefly see the auras of all nearby generators, totems, and chests. To open a chest, you must roll a d20. If you roll a 2 or 3, you’ll find a normal Dead by Daylight item. Rolling a 4 to 19, however, unlocks a magical item – either gauntlets or boots, which are automatically equipped. Each magical item grants the wearer an ability designed to counter one of Vecna’s spells. Rolling a 20 grants a powerful magical item that can be used like a perk: the Eye of Vecna allows the user to disappear for a short time after leaving a locker, and the Hand of Vecna allows the user to teleport from one locker to another. However, each time they are invoked, the user loses one health, so choose your moment wisely. If you roll a 1, you are in for a nasty surprise.

Behavior also announced the 2v8 gameplay mode, with Dead by Daylight offering a brand new gameplay experience that promises to shake up The Entity’s realm. It will pit two killers against eight survivors on a much larger map. Several gameplay tweaks have been made to ramp up the action, including replacing perks with what is essentially a class system and adding cages instead of hooks. More information on the 2V8 game mode will be revealed in a future livestream this July. And finally, the Castlevania collaboration was revealed: it will be coming later this year (sometime this summer, no exact date given yet), but we get a little tease of it.

So it’s worth picking up Dead by Daylight, which will get the Dungeons & Dragons collab on June 3rd.

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