Second Sun: A High-Paced Mix of FPS and RPG [VIDEO]

Use your supernatural abilities to save the empire from falling in this PC-only game from Grey Wolf Entertainment and Iceberg Interactive.


Second Sun is a high-octane first-person shooter with RPG elements set in an open world filled with intriguing landmarks, procedurally generated dungeons and tons of loot! Explore a vast, picturesque map and use your skills to save the Empire from destruction and prevent the world from falling into darkness. A civil war is raging between the Empire and the Order of the Second Sun. The land is ravaged and the Empire is on the brink of ruin. Hope is quickly fading as the light of the As Good Sun dims. You are a Sunborn, a warrior with special abilities, charged with protecting the Empire. All hope rests on you. The Empire expects great things from you.

Fend off enemies using your class abilities, weapons, and most importantly, your skills in this hi-octane FPS RPG. Combat is fast-paced and movement based. Enemies will claw at you, shoot at you, and chase you. Kill, loot and upgrade your equipment. Second Sun has a clear progression system that makes every kill exciting. Every enemy drop and every chest could contain an item vital to your quest.

Which stats to focus on and how to build your Sunborn is up to you. It has a carefully crafted world with an impressionistic character. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings and remember why you’re fighting – to bring back the light of the Good Sun. Second Sun uses a mix of an open map with elements such as procedurally generated enemy placements, landmarks, loot, and dungeons to make every encounter unique and exciting!

Second Sun is currently announced for PC only and will be available via Steam. Iceberg Interactive has not yet announced a release date.

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