Fallout London: What About this Unique Fallout Mod?! The Modders Have Spoken!

After Bethesda Game Studios released the next-gen patch for Fallout 4, modders had to delay the release of Fallout London, but they are not ruling out the possibility of supporting the original Fallout 4.


Project lead Dean Carter (Prilladog) gave an update on the story set in the nebulous capital of Albion on Fallout London’s Discord. He didn’t give a specific release date, but instead touted GOG as CD Projekt’s online store specializing in vintage and DRM-free games to help with distribution. He also linked to an interview on The Gamer. Nexus Mods was originally going to make the mod files available, but due to difficulties, GOG stepped in. According to him, it would have been impossible to release the mod without the help of both sites.

Set in the year 2237, approximately 50 years before the events of Fallout 4, Fallout London explores what the British capital would look like after the nuclear apocalypse. According to Team Folon, the FEV virus would not have made it here, so no Deathclaw or Super Mutant. No Vault-Tec either, but there will be underground shelters and new factions (meaning the usual teams won’t be returning). 53 main missions, 35 side missions, 25 faction quests, 64 additional missions, 16 branching gang related missions will be in the mod, which will also have 7 companions (with different relationship levels and their own quest). Five of them will be fully voiced.

The mod has over 90,000 lines of text, which is one and a half times the amount of text in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout: New Vegas. The main character in Fallout London is non-verbal. There will be a revamped crafting system for ammo, but they’ve also tweaked the perk and dialog systems. There will be new animations for climbing ladders or swimming, fast travel with trains, taxis, boats, dynamic weather, new smoke mechanics, and even usable guitars.

To play the mod, you will need Fallout 4 and all of its DLC. We don’t know yet if it’s Fallout London, but Carter says the team is considering supporting not only the next-gen update version, but the old one as well, though it would require them to double their workload.

Source: WCCFTech, The Gamer

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