Total War: What are Creative Assembly’s Other two Projects?

We’ve already heard rumors about what could be one of the three Total War projects from strategy game giant Creative Assembly, but what could be the other two?


Yesterday it was reported that Creative Assembly had begun development on a Total War game based on the Star Wars franchise, and since the team releases one TW a year except for 2014 and 2021, it’s possible that Total War: Star Wars could be released this year (of course, it could be called something else, as the game hasn’t been announced yet). But a post on the Total War Center forum has surfaced that mentions the other two titles.

Star Wars is the studio’s flagship title and is in a very advanced stage of development. Total War: Pharaoh is also in the final stages of development, sales have been disappointing and as a result they are canceling DLC and trying to make up the losses with free content. Total War: Warhammer III is in a stable state of development and its pre-order numbers have been good, but this project has fallen short of the higher expectations for DLC. We already knew about these two games, so let’s take a look at the other two projects.

Total War: World War I is not even announced yet, and there are reportedly great difficulties surrounding it. The director quit about a year ago and the budget has not kept up, although this is partly due to using a new engine. Originally, the SEGA-owned studio had planned to release the game in 2024, but the release could be delayed indefinitely. The other game is based on Warhammer 40K, and there are no major obstacles in its development. It was originally scheduled for release in 2025, but that could change. It’s supposed to be a testing point for Creative Assembly to make sure their really big, ambitious project (that would be Star Wars) goes well.

However, this is not official yet, and the site itself doesn’t seem to be a very reliable source. If these projects are indeed in the pipeline, at least we know what to expect.

Source: Reddit, TWC

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