Death Stranding 2: On The Beach: We’ve Found Out Where Development is At! [VIDEO]

With Kojima Productions’ voice acting and motion capture (mocap) processes for the game completed, the Japanese studio is now working to release the sequel to Death Stranding 2 in as polished a state as possible.


During Hideo Kojima’s radio show on NHK (Japan’s public media), Hideo Kojima’s Radio: Infinity, he announced that Death Stranding 2: On The Beach has entered an adjustment period that will last for almost a year. Recording the mocap sequences and voice acting will no longer be part of the Japanese studio’s to-do list, as the team will now focus on perfecting the transitions between scenes and the controls, but the game’s graphical detail and entertainment value will also be improved during this time.

Death Stranding 2: On The Beach does not yet have a specific release date. The year 2025 was also revealed in the latest video from Kojima Productions in January (embedded below). Kojima also talked about it during his show. He wanted to introduce the theme of the game, give us an overview of it, and give us a little insight into the gameplay. He also wanted to make sure that the interconnected characters were introduced so that we could get more involved with the story later on. There’s also likely to be a separate State of Play broadcast for the game, as all major PlayStation exclusives have gone this route (Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League got one too, but despite the big delay, it’s not doing so well…)

The first Death Stranding was released for PlayStation 4 back in 2019, but the expanded version, Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, is also out for PlayStation 5 and PC. The second part was first shown during The Game Awards 2022 and will be released for PlayStation 5 sometime in 2025. In that case we can expect a PC port, but who knows when it will arrive…

Source: WCCFTech, Famitsu


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