Downward Enhanced is Literally Leaping onto Consoles [VIDEO]

Caracal Games’ post-apocalyptic first-person parkour platformer is being brought to multiple consoles by Plug In Digital and will be released on them in a few weeks, while PC gamers won’t have to reach for their wallets again.


Downward was originally released for PC only on July 13, 2017. Those who already own the game won’t have to buy it again, as Downward Enhanced will come to them as a free update, giving them better graphics, new assets, optimizations, and a new ending. Of course, this doesn’t apply to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series or Nintendo Switch, as they’ll be getting a new version from Caracal Games.

The final journey begins. Downward lets you embark on humanity’s final adventure to find an explanation for the apocalypse that changed the Earth as we know it. Using parkour techniques and the mysterious power given to you, you will traverse the amazing and dangerous ruins of past civilizations, all in search of the legendary artifacts designed to control the deadly disasters that have come to this world. You won’t be alone, but what can you do? This world is no longer for humans.

Experience challenging first-person parkour action through ruins of the past, jump, slide, hang… Collect experience to upgrade your character’s stats and powers, and use them to your advantage, combining them with your parkour skills to face the awakening Ancient Guardians, within one goal: finish your journey. Nothing is served on a plate, freely explore an open world and enjoy breathtaking landscapes to reach secret places, collect useful items and hidden treasures. Search for an explanation to the world that is changing around you and the reason why mankind has been destroyed. The end of the story will depend on the path you take, the treasures you collect, and the way you explore this apocalyptic world. When three stray planets mysteriously begin to orbit the Earth’s atmosphere, it means death, disaster, and the end of an era. Rising from this fall is out of the question. The only way forward is downward.

Downward Enhanced will be available on June 4th for PlayStation 5, Xbox Consoles, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam).

Source: Gematsu


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