Shift Up: Stellar Blade Gets a Sequel and PC Port; Multiplatform IP in the Works!

In a document submitted to the KOSPI (Korea Composite Stock Price Index), the South Korean company mentions several things, so we found out what Shift Up is planning to do in the next few years.


Project Witches is in early development, with plans to release in 2027 or later for consoles, PC and mobile, and Shift Up’s next-generation mega-subculture IP will outperform Goddess of Victory: Nikkei, and they’re hiring new people to get development going in earnest this year. Several examples of subcultural IP have been cited – Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail, Fate/Grand Order.

The document also mentions a PC port of Stellar Blade and a sequel. No release date is mentioned: “Beyond Stellar Blade, we are developing a new [IP]-based game, Project Witches, for release in 2027 or later, and are considering a PC version of Stellar Blade and a sequel. We believe that our ability to develop new [IPs] that can be successful without relying on existing [IPs] will enable us to grow sustainably compared to other game companies that are locked into existing [IPs].

Later, Shift Up mentions the PC port again, and also talks about post-launch updates and DLC: “For Stellar Blade, we have plans to introduce new gameplay elements, including downloadable content releases, a PC version, and new [intellectual property] collaborations. Meanwhile, the company’s global one-build approach allows for simultaneous global updates to ensure a consistent experience for users and rapid delivery of content at a low cost.”

AAA console titles such as God of War and Final Fantasy have shown tremendous potential, selling over [66 million copies and 185 million, respectively]. There are many precedents for AAA titles to evolve into [intellectual property] franchises by extending their lifespan through a series of high-quality sequels and maintaining a long-term monetization base. As a result, we are exploring the possibility of a PC version of Stellar Blade and a sequel,” Shift Up wrote.

Stellar Blade (released by Sony Interactive Entertainment on April 26) for PlayStation 5 is doing better than expected in terms of sales, according to the document… and because of that, we can be sure that the sequel and the port are in development.

Source: Gematsu, KOSPI

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