Microsoft’s AI can do Scary Things on Copilot+ PCs! [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – Microsoft revealed several things about artificial intelligence at the Build conference, but one of them sounds a little scary.


Recall on Copilot+ PCs will be able to find everything you’ve watched or done on your Windows 11 machine. The Copilot runtime on W11 uses more advanced NPUs (AI accelerators) in new chips like the Snapdragon X Plus/Elite pair. Microsoft has built 40 AI models into Windows 11 for new features, so it can literally track everything from app-related activity to what’s said in meetings to websites visited. It comes with a timeline, and you can even rewind it back weeks.

“The snapshots are encrypted and stored on your PC’s hard drive. You can use Recall to find the content you viewed on your PC using search or a timeline bar that lets you scroll through your snapshots,” Microsoft writes. How much space would that take up? We’re sure it would fill up a 1TB NVMe in no time. It’s scary because if someone gets access to our PC, they can get access to our user history. For now, only Copilot+ PCs with the Qualcomm Spandragon X Elite chip will get this feature (currently in preview). Microsoft already tried something similar in 2017 called Timeline, which was discontinued in 2021 and didn’t do constant, continuous saving.

Another feature in Copilot+ PCs will be Auto Super Resolution (Auto SR) technology, so it will not be more widely available. Auto SR will provide a higher frame rate in real time while improving visual detail. It provides a balance that is beyond the capabilities of our PCs. How much better or worse it will be than AMD FSR, Intel XeSS, or Nvidia DLSS is not yet known. “Auto Super Resolution (Auto SR) seamlessly integrates with Windows to automatically increase the frame rate of existing games in real time while maintaining detailed on-screen visuals, providing a balance that exceeds what your PC hardware can achieve on its own. At launch, this feature will be exclusive to Copilot+ PCs equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite processor and a curated set of games,” Microsoft added.

We’ve heard before about the technology that the AI performance will come from the NPU and GPU, and the combination of the two will deliver at least 45 TOPS of performance in these PCs, which will be available in June. Intel is entering the Copilot+ PC market with its Lunar Lake and AMD with its Strix platforms (they will also have Nvidia GeForce RTX and AMD Radeon RX support) and will be capable of more than 100 TOPS of computing power. If you have a machine capable of 40-45 TOPS, it will be Copilot+ compliant, so in principle it should be able to have Auto SR, but not all games will be able to use it (probably starting with Xbox exclusives, but World of Warcraft has been mentioned).

It should be noted that Auto SR is NOT the same as DirectSR, which makes it easier for developers to integrate upscaling technologies…

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