Did The New Alone In The Dark Sell Well?! The Publisher Shows Us Their Numbers

The new Alone in the Dark isn’t the only game from the Embracer Group that hasn’t sold enough, but there is also good news for the publisher…



Thousands of players have been waiting for the release of Alone in the Dark (2024) for years. After all, it was a reboot of the horror series that introduced many important and revolutionary mechanics to the genre more than thirty years ago. Created by Pieces Interactive, the title debuted on March 20th and received little attention from the community due to its release status and issues with it.

Embracer Group confirmed today that its trading performance was not as expected.

We could have guessed this already when we heard that the Alone in the Dark studio had started layoffs. But now it’s been confirmed that Alone in the Dark sales fell short of the Swedish company’s expectations, as can be read in its financial report for the last fiscal year (via VGC). What’s more, that title and another were responsible for the company’s worse fourth-quarter results.

Outcast 2: A New Beginning was another game that sold below expectations. “Alone in the Dark and Outcast: A New Beginning received positive reviews from users but mixed reviews from critics and ultimately performed below management’s expectations.” However, Embracer Group also discussed games that sold above expectations.


The fall of Alone in the Dark may not be fatal for the Embracer Group


Many players wanted to replay the adventures of Tomb Raider I-III Remastered. It soon proved that strong nostalgia resulted in good sales. The same can be said for South Park: Snow Day, which performed beyond expectations. This is also the case with Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection. It seems that despite being poorly received by both the press and players, they sold well.

Source: VGC

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