Will Microsoft Soon Reveal More About its Multiplatform Strategy?

The Redmond-based company has already decided to release more Xbox exclusives on rival consoles (and as a result, the PlayStation 5 port of Sea of Thieves has been one of the most successful titles on the PlayStation Network), and Microsoft is reportedly going to tell us more about it.


Previously, PlayStation 5 versions of Redfall, Starfield, and Indiana Jones were planned, but after Bethesda (or more specifically, its parent company ZeniMax) was acquired by Microsoft, development on the ports was halted, so the now-shuttered games from Arkane Austin, Bethesda Game Studios, and MachineGames all skipped (or will in the case of Indy) the PlayStation 5. Since then, however, the gaming industry has changed, and both Sony and Microsoft have started talking about multiplatform, so their games could appear on each other’s platforms (as well as the Nintendo Switch and its yet-to-be-announced successor).

According to Windows Central editor Jez Corden, Microsoft will soon clarify whether its core franchises (Halo, Forza, Gears [of War]) fit into its multiplatform strategy, reportedly codenamed Project Latitude inside the company (they must love Dell laptops, because one of their product lines is called Latitude), and will likely talk about it at the Xbox Games Showcase on June 9.

The strategy is also necessary because Microsoft spent more than $72 billion to acquire Activision Blizzard King. It’s just a question of whether they’ll get to the point where exclusive franchises pop up elsewhere. SEGA did this back in the day when Sonic appeared on Nintendo hardware after the sad demise of the Dreamcast, which saw SEGA pull out of the console market.

Microsoft is in no danger of doing the same (we hear the next Xbox is in the pipeline), but it remains to be seen if the company will actually throw more of its IP into the joint. Such a move would not only benefit gamers, but themselves as well: more target platforms, more reach, more potential sales.

Source: GameRant, Windows Central

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