XDefiant: A Record-Breaking Game from Ubisoft?

The free-to-play first-person shooter has reportedly gotten off to a good start and could be a top-selling game from the French publisher, but as a live service game, this is just the beginning: the momentum needs to be maintained.


According to Tom Henderson, XDefiant is the fastest Ubisoft game to reach 1 million unique players and has already reached 3 million. This is beyond Yves Guillemot’s expectations at this stage, which is why we say that longer-term success will require more than this. That’s why Ubisoft has already announced the content expansions that will be coming in the next twelve months. There will be a ranked mode, private matches, a new arena mode, a welcome playlist for beginners, practice zones, and a steady stream of improvements to the anti-cheating technology. There will be four seasons, each with 3-3 new weapons and maps, a 90 level Battle Pass, and a new faction will join XDefiant each season (Ruby, Buzz, Orchard, Horde).

XDefiant currently features 14 maps inspired by other Ubisoft franchises, with five factions to fight against each other (Cleaners – The Division, Libertad – Far Cry, Echelon – Splinter Cell, Phantoms – Ghost Recon, Dedsec – Watch_Dogs). There are also 24 weapons, 44 accessories, 5 gadgets and two game modes (Arena, Linear). In Arena you have to control three zones per map in Domination, in Occupy you have to control a zone that is constantly moving on the map, while in HotShot you have to get the most kills.

In Linear Zone Control, the attacking team has to occupy five zones on the map in order while the other team tries to prevent it, and in Escort, the attacking team has to get a package to a target on the map while the defending players have to stop it or even push the package back to the attackers.

Of course, there were also the initial server problems.

Source: WCCFTech, Insider Gaming

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