After GTA VI, Another Highly Anticipated Game To Be Announced By Rockstar Games?!

Mike Ybarra had ideas about the future of his favorite games, while he also doesn’t like that GTA VI won’t be released on PC right away…



It is true that many gamers prefer Red Dead Redemption to Grand Theft Auto. These are very different franchises that share the open-world genre. Red Dead Redemption 2 was released in 2018 and has already sold over 64 million copies, while GTA VI debuts in the fall of 2025 and could break all-time records in the video game industry.

Everyone knows this, but the former CEO of Blizzard reflected on this on his X/Twitter account and went even further when he wished for a new part of Rockstar’s western.

“I’m hopeful for an RDR3 announcement at some point!” he exclaimed. Mike Ybarra is not the first to talk about the title, actor Arthur Morgan himself has said before that he is sure that we will see Red Dead Redemption 3 one day. According to the latest information, RDR3 may be announced this year, but definitely before the arrival of the new Grand Theft Auto.


GTA VI will be a classic GTA edition


Red Dead Redemption 3 wishes aside, Ybarra spoke about GTA VI and said, “GTA6’s release will no doubt be an industry moment as R* has proven they can release mega hits time and time again,” he said. He goes on to list several factors surrounding Grand Theft Auto VI.

“1) Fall 2025 or so as they’ve said.
2) Console only. Likely is a PS5Pro showcase title.
3) Could have an asking price of $80.
4) PC release will be 1 year later – which is a bad trend I wish they would stop doing. But it will drive more sales.
5) Next gen console re-release (not sure when this will be, late ’26 or Q1/Q2 ’27 I’d guess – could line up with PC release) to get consumers to pay for another copy (and many, many will).”

A former Rockstar developer has said that the new Grand Theft Auto is only coming to consoles because they have to prioritize what can be sold.

Either way, GTA VI will debut in the fall of 2025. The owners of Rockstar have made it clear that they are aiming for perfection with the next open world in the series.

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