Bad News For Kevin Costner’s Horizon – What Will Happen To The Film Series?!

MOVIE NEWS – Kevin Costner has invested a lot in his new western-inspired epic, Horizon, but early forecasts do not promise a big profit, in fact…



Kevin Costner has put his heart, soul and a lot of money into bringing his new Western-inspired epic to theatres. The first predictions regarding the movie Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter One have already arrived before the first part, which will be shown at the end of June. However, this does not mean that Costner will ride off into the sunset with a healthy profit.

The Horizon carried the air of risk-taking, both in terms of Costner leaving his role in the Yellowstone franchise to make this “masterpiece”, and in terms of the millions of dollars invested in the film.

Return on investment means that the film should earn decently at the box office. But its American opening weekend is projected only to take in around $12 million. Considering that the production costs for the first and second chapters combined are around $100 million, not including the marketing budget, the film will need a strong advertising campaign to at least break even!

After debuting at the Cannes Film Festival last month, Horizon’s mixed critical response has already raised doubts about the film’s audience potential.

However, the Western genre is eternally popular. This is contradicted by the ongoing fan discourse surrounding Costner’s departure from the Yellowstone franchise. All in all, the next few weeks promise to be hectic for Warner Bros., which will be responsible for marketing the film’s domestic release.



Hang nélkül / A Quiet Place / Kevin Costner



Can Kevin Costner’s Horizon be silenced by A Quiet Place?!


At a time when box office success is never guaranteed, the cinema premiere of Horizont represents a greater risk than at any time before the pandemic. In addition to the task of attracting audiences to a three-hour film that delivers only a quarter of the promised story, the epic drama also faces stiff competition from a popular horror franchise: A Quiet Place: Day One.

The prequel to John Krasinski’s and Emily Blunt’s horror films, the new instalment of the Quiet Place franchise will hit theatres on the same day as Horizon.

Although the film reportedly has a decent-sized budget of around $40-50 million, that’s what it’s expected to do in its opening weekend. This could easily prevent Costner’s film from climbing to the top of the box office list. All of this would further affect its rise in the coming weeks.

The original A Quiet Place was a surprise success in 2018. It grossed $340.9 million worldwide, and despite being released during the pandemic, the sequel also grossed a robust $297.4 million.

Both films potentially appeal to different audiences, so they should both have a chance to claim their slice of the box office on June 28.

But for now, it looks like Kevin Costner’s Horizon will be pushed back by a pesky alien invasion…

Source: THR

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