That’s It For Tokyo Vice?! Bad News From The Producers

MOVIE NEWS – It looks like Tokyo Vice won’t be returning for a third season on Max, leaving fans quite disappointed after two gripping seasons…



Tokyo Vice has released a final, albeit disheartening, update: the series is not worthy of a third season. The announcement was made at the Produced By conference in Los Angeles. That seems to be the end of the short but memorable run on the Max.

Since its debut in April 2022, Tokyo Vice has captivated audiences with its gritty storyline and intense depiction of Tokyo’s criminal underworld.

The series initially launched with an eight-episode first season. It recently finished its second season of ten episodes. Despite hopes for further exploration of characters and themes, the series ended in April 2024. The season finale now serves as the series finale, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The decision to end the series after two seasons was not easy. According to the series’ creators, this decision was aimed at making the story the creator, J.T. It closes true to Rogers’ ideas. In a joint statement, Rogers and director Alan Poul said:

“Over the last five years, Max has made sure we got to tell our story. They have supported us through thick and thin. Not only did they give us these two seasons, they said yes when we asked to end season one with a series of cliffhangers, and they said yes when we asked for two extra episodes so we could land the plane in the way [creator] J.T. [Rogers] had always envisioned.”

Rogers and Poul expressed their gratitude to Max for his unwavering support during the production of the series. This support included the green light for the cliffhanger series that ended the first season. As well as the approval of two more episodes for the second season to properly wrap up the story.

The producers also credit their global distribution partner, Fifth Season, for the vital role they played in the international broadcast of the series, which helped make Tokyo Vice a worldwide phenomenon.


Tokyo Vice’s lively noir story comes to an untimely end amid industry cutbacks


Despite its critical acclaim and strong public support, Tokyo Vice has joined the ranks of series that will not return to the big screen. The series was initially developed by former Max executives Bob Greenblatt, Kevin Reilly, and Sarah Aubrey. It would have debuted with the launch of the streaming service in 2020. However, global production shutdowns caused by the pandemic postponed the premiere to April 2022.

Based on Jake Adelstein’s non-fiction book, Tokyo Vice deals with the journalist’s experiences with the Tokyo police, giving a vivid picture of Tokyo’s criminal underworld. Described as a modern noir thriller, the series was rated 89% by critics and 92% by viewers on Rotten Tomatoes and was highly praised for its authentic and atmospheric storytelling.

Source: THR

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