What Should Sony Buy?! God Of War Creator Has Come Up With A Surprising Idea!

“Hey Playstation-here’s how you compete: open up the checkbook, buy Ubisoft,” David Jaffe, creator of God of War, suggests to Sony.



Many of the 2024 summer gaming events have already ended. However, many of us are still interested in the Xbox Games Showcase, Sony’s latest State of Play or the Summer Game Fest. Many conversations and debates have arisen around these conferences. One who wanted to have his say was David Jaffe, the original creator of God of War.

We have known him for years, but a few months ago, he criticized the direction of the series in connection with God of War: Ragnarök, but this time, it is about something else, and it has to do with Sony.

David Jaffe recently posted a message on his X/Twitter account following the end of Ubisoft Forward 2024. In this post, the creator of GoW recalls the big Xbox conference and advises PlayStation that the parent company should buy Ubisoft to compete with Microsoft!

“Wow- first Xbox, now Ubisoft! Their conference was fantastic! Much as I ADORE Starfield, it’s cool to see the open world space adventure brought up to modern standards. And AC looks so f***ing good!” – he writes, referring to the Star Wars Outlaws. “Hey Playstation-here’s how you compete: open up the checkbook, buy Ubisoft,” he concludes.

Even if Jaffe thinks such a deal is an excellent way to compete, it’s practically impossible for Sony to even consider buying Ubisoft, given the high costs, difficulty of integration, and many other reasons.


The creator of God of War loved the Xbox event


A day before the promo, Jaffe had this to say about the Xbox Showcase 2024 event. “Goodness- that was a FANTASTIC show from xbox! If (and they’ve done LITTLE to suggest they can, BUT IF) they deliver on most of those games, the folks at Playstation are gonna have to have a serious conversation about how to compete moving forward.”

Continuing the conversation, he says the following in another message. “For years I’ve been very critical of Xbox 1st party’s ability to deliver because they’ve never given us reason to be anything but. So great trailers are one thing but until I’m playing and enjoying the game, I think they’ ve earned our need to be cautious.”

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