Is The Fate Of The New Street Fighter Movie In Jeopardy?!

MOVIE NEWS – Danny and Michael Philippou can’t shoot the Street Fighter movie because of scheduling problems…



Filming on the new Street Fighter movie is about to begin, but without the directors previously attached to the project! According to reports from the US, Danny and Michael Philippou of A24 Talk to Me has pulled out of development on Capcom’s video game adaptation due to alleged scheduling issues. The name of the new director is not known.

The two directors are apparently set to begin shooting a new horror film for A24 in a few weeks, titled Bring Her Back, according to sources contacted by THR.

This prevents them from fulfilling Legendary and Capcom’s wish to shoot this Street Fighter movie as soon as possible. So far, no names have been revealed as to who will replace them in the film.

The signing of Danny and Michael Philippou to helm the project has sparked some fan interest. Given how passionate the two filmmakers are about the video game. (In addition, they have already produced watchable movies.) Their departure is, therefore, bad news. It is not yet known who will take over the baton for the film, which does not yet have an expected release date.

Street Fighter hasn’t exactly had a smooth run in theatres so far. The first film, based on the video game, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, ended up becoming known to audiences more for filming issues than the film’s notorious quality. However, this was the last performance of the great Raul Julia as Mr. Bison. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li wasn’t that controversial. On the other hand, unfortunately, it is considered even weaker than the first film…

Source: THR

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