Half-Life 2 Remastered - Half-Life 2 - It seems likely that Valve will port the first Half-Life game to the HTC Vive.

Half-Life 2: big update coming thanks to Steam Deck

After a long silence, Valve’s classic Half-Life…
The Overwatch character's name has been the cause of numerous accusations and the dismissal of the director to whom the character referred.

Overwatch: McCree is Now Called Cole Cassidy

The Overwatch character’s name has been the…
Hiroshi Ono, better known as Mr Dotman, has died after a long illness.

Hiroshi Ono, the Legendary Father of Pac-Man, Galaga and Other Arcade Games, Dies at the…

Hiroshi Ono, better known as Mr Dotman,…
Also, since Kratos has a scar on his abdomen, the game seems to be a sequel and not a reboot...

God of War is coming to PC, pre-orders skyrocket on Steam

The arrival of PlayStation exclusive God of…
EA has confirmed reports that hackers have taken over several high profile FIFA Ultimate Team accounts

FIFA 22: EA banned more than 30 000 users for cheating

FIFA 22: many players used a glitch…
Mexico's leader has issued a series of recommendations for caution over games such as GTA V, Free Fire and others.

Mexico: the President Scolds Video Games and “Nintendo” After a Child Abduction Case

Mexico‘s leader has issued a series of…
The rumours were true: Vicarious Visions (which was shifted from Activision to Blizzard) is indeed developing a new version of Diablo 2.

Diablo 2 Resurrected: Regular Server Crashes

Connection problems in Diablo 2 Resurrected occur…
Capcom double-stacked: they not only announced one Monster Hunter game for the Switch (which was rumoured) but two!

Monster Hunter Rise And Sunbreak: No Progressive Porting Between Switch And PC

Monster Hunter Rise: Capcom says they can’t…
Microsoft has committed to honour its agreements, but Call Of Duty launches after 2023 are still up in the air

Call Of Duty Vanguard Story Trailer – Introducing The Cast And The Main Villain!

Introducing The Cast And The Main Villain!
2021 There is no year without bags of cash: Electronic Arts will release FIFA this year, too, mostly due to the Ultimate Team mode that pulls in money for them. FIFA 22

Will EA Sports FC Be The New Name For FIFA Games?

FIFA-series: Electronic Arts announced a few days…

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