Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO for short) is relentless in his attack on video games, repeatedly claiming that they have too much influence on children and young people.

AMLO has once again lashed out against “nintendos” and online games

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO…
Apple has been criticised over a new system (CSAM) that searches for child sexual abuse material on US users' devices.

Apple censors engraving service in China says Citizen Lab

TECH NEWS – Apple is censoring references…
The latest Ghost of Tsushima update has been released, including the new “Lethal” difficulty and new accessibility features.

Ghost of Tsushima: halfway solution when installing from PS4 to PS5

But at least you no longer have…

BITCOIN: The hacker who stole and returned $600 million has been given a job and…

TECH NEWS – The bitcoin thief has…
EA has removed classic games from the GOG platform, but it has angered a lot of fans. The publisher then made amends by bringing them back for free.

EA made a mistake – Syndicate and Ultima games are free on GOG!

EA has removed classic games from the…
ps4pro call of duty black ops 4 dlc

Here is the ‘Call of Duty: Vanguard’ teaser trailer!

The Call of Duty trailer shows the…
"If we are a year, maybe a three month, we will have more than a million taxis on the road."

Tesla Autopilot: the US launches a formal investigation into self-driving technology

TECH NEWS – The National Highway Traffic…
Facebook - In the new design called FB5, Events and the Groups will get more emphasis - the latter has been moved (on mobile!) to the centre of the menu bar.

Afghanistan: Facebook continues to ban Taliban-related content

TECH NEWS – Facebook has confirmed that…
Seamus Blackley, the creator of Xbox, has reacted to Microsoft's purchase by referring to the Activision Blizzard controversy

Xbox X Series: the 4K UI is finally here, and Insiders are testing it!

Unfortunately, there’s no word on whether this…

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