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A Very Strong Batman (Arkham City) Easter Egg in The Accountant!

MOVIE NEWS – Ben Affleck’s latest action-thriller…
Star Wars: The Force Awakens shattered box office records upon its debut, grossed over $936 million domestic and $2 billion worldwide.

Why Han Solo Had to Die in Star Wars: The Force Awakens? J.J. Abrams Explains!

MOVIE NEWS – Back in August, Disney/LucasFilm…
In case of Anderson and Jovovich sayong goodbye to the franchise after The Final Chapter, there is always the possibility that the series could live on with a different director and cast.

New Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Movie Trailer is Here

MOVIE NEWS – Sony just released a…
The Animus thing looks less like the one in the original games, but the story from the trailer is very similar to the first game!

The Second Assassin’s Creed Trailer is Here!

MOVIE NEWS – Can we expect a…

Wolverine 3 Photo with Caliban Going Undercover Emerges

MOVIE NEWS – New details are slowly…
The game is launching on October 11. Until then, a gameplay video from the campaign.

Gears Of War Is Heading To The Silver Screen!

MOVIE NEWS – Microsoft and Universal Pictures…
Finally, the AT-AT leg joints and motor are apparently the cheapest part of the whole machine, costing just $8.5 million.

You Would Like to Buy a Real Star Wars AT-AT? Here’s How Much It Would…

MOVIE NEWS – For nearly forty years,…
Firewatch is a first-person adventure/exploration game.

Firewatch Will Receive A Film Adaptation!

From game to a movie – the…
Ron Perlman gave us some hope regarding Hellboy 3 on his Twitter account.

No One Else Is Is Working on Hellboy 3, But Ron Perlman Himself!

MOVIE NEWS – Completing the Hellboy trilogy…
Martin Koolhoven directs from his own script, with this project marking his English-language directorial debut. We'll be sure to keep you posted about Brimstone's release date and other updates as it continues on the festival circuit.

Brimstone: Kit Harington Gets Nasty Revenge In His New Western! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Game of Thrones’ star…

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