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OPINION - Bruce Willis's film career may have taken an ugly downward turn, as he was recently awarded a separate Golden Raspberry for his last eight lousy films, but he was once a huge star with some truly iconic films. Let's look at Willis' best movies of all time.

First Photos Of Bruce Willis After Retirement!

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MOVIE NEWS - "It's like they've put Indiana Jones, Jason Bourne and James Bond action scenes together with dinosaurs," wrote a Gizmodo reviewer after a screening of a few minutes from next year's super-production Jurassic Park: World Domination at CinemaCon, one of America's biggest film events. The preview showed the female lead, Bryce Dallas Howard, jumping from building to building as she is chased by dinosaurs, while the male lead, Chris Pratt, chases a velociraptor down a cobbled street, suggesting a European setting.

Jurassic World Dominion Unveils Images Of Its Giant Dinosaur “Giga”

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Amber Heard wants to avoid being mentioned in Aquaman 2 at the court hearing.

Here is Amber Heard’s public statement about her lawsuit with Johnny Depp

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Following Daniel Craig's departure, James Bond producers are still looking for a replacement for 007

Idris Elba Grew Up With the Commodore 64

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MOVIE NEWS - Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes will be Netflix's newest true crime documentary series, which will explore the case of the infamous serial killer. A trailer for the series is now available.

Audio recordings of John Wayne Gacy will be featured in the new Netflix true crime…

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MOVIE NEWS - Sam Raimi, best known for the iconic horror film The Evil Dead, has started an interesting collaboration with Marvel for the next Doctor Strange.

Sam Raimi Has Given A Horror Twist To Doctor Strange: Multiverse Of Madness

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MOVIE NEWS - Netflix is reportedly suspending production on the upcoming Will Smith film Fast and Loose due to the events at the Oscars.

Will Smith Has To Say Goodbye To The Oscars For Ten Years

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MOVIE NEWS - Bob Odenkirk flashes a smile alongside Rhea Seehorn as the Better Call Saul cast celebrate the end of their journey that began in 2014.

Bob Odenkirk Would Love To Return As Saul Again

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MOVIE NEWS - Bruce Campbell won't be starring in Evil Dead Rise, but he's already revealed what to expect when it arrives on HBO Max in 2022.

Here Is The Original Version Of Evil Dead’s Ending After Nine Years

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MOVIE NEWS - Is Breaking Bad based on actual events? Do fiction and reality meet in the popular AMC series?

Could The Breaking Bad Series Be Based On A True Story?

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