Nicolas Cage Didn’t Get a Penny for His Oscar-Winning Film

MOVIE NEWS – In 1995, the drama…
She Said stars two-time Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan (the the defining figure of American film, the grandson of Elia Kazan), they play the two investigative reporters.

Ashley Judd has a lot to thank for her new movie

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MOVIE REVIEW - "Black Adam" has a protagonist with almost unlimited power, which only makes the pathetic script all the more striking.

Black Adam – Dwayne Johnson’s anti-hero tries to fly into the DC universe

Dwayne Johnson's anti-hero tries to fly into…
CINEMA NEWS - All critics speak in superlatives about Mrs. From the English comedy Harris Goes to Paris.

The most beloved film of the year, some people are still hooked on it

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MOVIE NEWS - Ever since it was announced that Nicolas Cage would be playing Dracula in the upcoming Renfield movie, audiences have been waiting for him to say something about the role finally...

Nicolas Cage didn’t get a penny for his Oscar-winning film

MOVIE NEWS – In 1995, the drama…

When Santa goes into Terminator mode

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Freaky Director Christopher Landon Is Freaking Out About Halloween Ends!

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MOVIE REVIEW – The late József Antall, the first prime minister after the fall of communism, is the main character in the film Blockade.

Blockade – The Story of the Taxi Blockade from the Perspective Of József Antall

The Story of the Taxi Blockade from…