MOVIE REVIEW – How much would you trust a stranger? That's the question explored in Netflix's The Stranger, which begins with a chance encounter when two men strike up a conversation on a bus.

The Stranger – Creepy Cat-And-Mouse Game In The Chilling Psychological Thriller

Creepy Cat-And-Mouse Game In The Chilling Psychological…
MOVIE NEWS - According to Dwayne Johnson, Brendan Fraser deserves the current wave of success and hopes that The whale's star wins the Oscar for best actor.

Dwayne Johnson Wants Brendan Fraser to Win the Oscar for The Whale

MOVIE NEWS – According to Dwayne Johnson,…
MOVIE NEWS - Lady Gaga will play Harley Quinn in Joker 2, and the cinematographer says she's a perfect fit for the sequel to the Joaquin Phoenix-starring film.

Lady Gaga “Very Well Suited” for the Role of Harley Quinn, Says Joker 2 Cinematographer

MOVIE NEWS – Joker 2 cinematographer Lawrence…

According to Jamie Lee Curtis the New Haunted Mansion Movie Will be Scary and Funny…

MOVIE NEWS – Jamie Lee Curtis will…
The story has been made into a film, also called The Watcher, which was released in 2016 but was quickly forgotten.

The Netflix Series The Watcher is Based on an Eerie True Story

MOVIE NEWS – The Watcher’s Identity Was…
SERIES REVIEW - When Barbarians hit Netflix, it was one of the year’s biggest surprises.

Barbarians Season 2 – A More „Civilized” Second Season

A More „Civilized” Second Season
Troy Baker says "we are not prepared" for The Last of Us Part 2

Troy Baker, the Voice of Joel from The Last of Us, Was on the Set…

MOVIE NEWS – The star of The…

Nicolas Cage Didn’t Get a Penny for His Oscar-Winning Film

MOVIE NEWS – In 1995, the drama…
She Said stars two-time Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan (the the defining figure of American film, the grandson of Elia Kazan), they play the two investigative reporters.

Ashley Judd has a lot to thank for her new movie

CINEMA NEWS – Ashley Judd plays herself…
MOVIE REVIEW - "Black Adam" has a protagonist with almost unlimited power, which only makes the pathetic script all the more striking.

Black Adam – Dwayne Johnson’s anti-hero tries to fly into the DC universe

Dwayne Johnson's anti-hero tries to fly into…

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