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Star Wars: This Why George Lucas Hates Jabba the Hutt

MOVIE NEWS – Jabba the Hutt is…
MOVIE NEWS - James Cameron spent decades with the Avatar franchise, and he knows it stopped him from making other movies. He says he'll "mourn" the movies he can't make for telling Avatar's story.

James Cameron Will ‘Mourn’ the Films he Missed Because of the Avatar Franchise

MOVIE NEWS – James Cameron spent decades…
The Witcher's Geralt voice actor shares his thoughts on the unanswerable question of whether to choose Yennefer or Triss.

The Witcher’s Geralt Voice Actor Revealed Whether He Loves Yennefer or Triss More

The Witcher’s Geralt voice actor shares his…

Sam and Max: The Devil’s Playhouse Remastered Has Been Announced

Developer Skunkape Games announced that Sam and…

Will John Krasinski Return as Mr Fantastic? The Actor Has Now Answered!

MOVIE NEWS – John Krasinski has revealed…
It looks like Konami and Sony are slowly getting closer to each other.

A Long-Awaited Announcement From Metal Gear Solid’s Producer?

Perhaps the Metal Gear franchise will get…
According to various reports, a Silent Hill 2 remake is in development alongside two other projects in the survival horror franchise.

Silent Hill: The Short Message: the game’s description has been leaked!

What is Konami hiding from us with…
Apple has been criticised over a new system (CSAM) that searches for child sexual abuse material on US users' devices.

iPhone 15: Base Models Could Be Cheaper, But No Mini Model?

TECH NEWS – Low demand for Apple’s…

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