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Closed or private... doesn't make much of a difference. Still, All In! Games and 505 Games (the two publishers, but wait, it gets crazier), and One More Level, 3D Realms, and Slipgate Ironworks (three developer teams!) are preparing for some big news that they will announce in two weeks.

Ghostrunner: It’s Time To Register For The Private Beta [VIDEO]

Closed or private… doesn’t make much of…
It’s not known why the old actor was replaced in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, but he’s not happy with the decision either.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Frank Woods’ New Voice

It’s not known why the old actor…
These parts are made up of a proportion of combat, but they also put special emphasis on two of the things I liked most about Astral Chain.

Astral Chain 2: PlatinumGames’ Unexpected Success Likely Gets A Sequel

Nintendo probably backs the project (just like…

Is Gods & Monsters’ New Name Found?

Gods & Monsters that was announced over…
In Ubisoft's game, Tom Clancy's Elite Squad, we can see a familiar raised fist as a symbol of civilians who have become terrorists…

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad: Real Political Indications?

In Ubisoft‘s game, Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad,…
In the future, if we activate a Hero Challenge Card in Marvel’s Avengers, we will certainly have to reach into our wallet for it.

Marvel’s Avengers: Paid Premium Content

In the future, if we activate a…
„[...] Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) continues to invest in, or acquire, firms with abundant creativity and cutting-edge technologies to build up Worldwide Studios (WWS), an association of first-party title production studios. Most recently, in August 2019 it acquired Insomniac Games, a longtime Sony partner that has developed many hit titles.

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Expansion And PlayStation PC Ports

Sony Corporation’s annual report has a lot…
Control's last DLC might have revealed what Remedy's shared universe will have for us in store as the next game...

Alan Wake 2: Control’s New DLC Effectively Confirms It!

Control’s last DLC might have revealed what…
Breaking Walls is working on something new of a concept that we may have not seen before.

AWAY: The Survival Series: Featuring A Sugar Glider [VIDEO]

Breaking Walls is working on something new…
After the Xbox One debut, other consoles will receive Vigor, too.

Vigor: Bohemia’s Free-To-Play Shooter Expands To New Platforms [VIDEO]

After the Xbox One debut, other consoles…

COSPLAY BABE OF THE DAY: Ghost of Tsushima

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