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With a cat as the protagonist, Stray from PS5, PS4 and PC reappears with new gameplay and details. Like these animals in real life - drop things, get on furniture, and yes, you can lick your own ass too.

Has the Release Date of the PlayStation Cat Game Stray Been Leaked Online?

A PlayStation database update has leaked the…
Nintendo. This time, the project would need a leading producer, which is quite worrying about the state of development of Metroid Prime 4. Metroid Prime 3

Metroid Prime 4: Bad News for Those Who Are Looking Forward to the Game!

Some new job announcements from Retro Studios…
It's been a turbulent seven years for Hangar 13 since Mafia 3...

Mafia 3’s Development Team Seems To Be Collapsing – Will There Be More Games?

It’s been a turbulent seven years for…
The acclaimed BioShock action saga is now available to download in its entirety as "The Collection" edition for a short time, courtesy of the parents of Fortnite.

BioShock: The Collection Is Free To Download For A Limited Time – Here’s The Link!…

The acclaimed BioShock action saga is now…
The Callisto Protocol was supposed to be a strange crossover, but this latest announcement surprised even us.

Maybe The Callisto Protocol Won’t Be Set In The PUBG Universe After All?!

The Callisto Protocol was supposed to be…
MOVIE NEWS - Popular actor Ray Liotta, best known for his "tough guy" performances, has become one of the first well-known actors to take on a voice role in a video game.

Ray Liotta, Star Of Goodfellas & GTA Vice City, Dies At 67

MOVIE NEWS – Popular actor Ray Liotta,…
Square Enix is about to announce a proper game, Forspoken, being developed by Luminous Productions. So far it's been known as Project Athia!

Forspoken Will Have A Pretty Dark Story

PEGI (the pan-European age rating committee) has…
Microsoft blinked before Sony did, and the latter will abuse this chance, it seems.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series to get a half-generation update in two years?

According to TCL, a TV manufacturer, the…
The PlayStation summary reviews the number of hours played, trophies won and more

PlayStation Plus: PS1 And PS2 Games Run Like Trash! [VIDEO]

We’re talking about games designed for hardware…
Jim Ryan, the president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, doesn't go any lower: he believes the PlayStation 5 can reach a hundred million sales.

Here’s Sony’s Strategy For The Next Few Years

PlayStation VR2, new IPs, live service games,…