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The Finnish team behind the first two Max Payne games, Control, Alan Wake, or Quantum Break, might be doing something for Sony as well.

Remedy Entertainment Plans An Annual Release Slate Until 2027!

The Finnish studio is putting the pedal…
The opening cutscene of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty sets the tone for an epic, dramatic and conflict-filled story set in a fictional version of China...

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty: System Requirements, Console Rendering Modes

Team Ninja’s game follows the trends, giving…
EA Sports has released a new FIFA 23 trailer that reveals interesting information about the newly added features and updates to the career mode.

EA Sports to Sign Multi-Million Pound Deal with the Premier League

EA Sports is reportedly finalizing a major…
During the weekend, Ubisoft has effectively imploded...

Ubisoft And The UK’s Police Join Forces To Tackle Online Harassment

The French publisher will notify the authorities…
Like a Dragon: Ishin!, the original Yakuza (Ryu ga Gotoku) remake will arrive in 2023 and take us back to 1860s Japan.

Like a Dragon: Ishin Remake Confirmed “Steam Deck Verified”

Like a Dragon: Ishin, the upcoming game…

Huge PlayStation Store Deal on a Legendary PS4 Game – But Hurry!

In the coming days, PlayStation owners can…

The New Exorcist Movie Gets a Child Star

MOVIE NEWS – It is a big…
MOVIE NEWS - The filming of the seventh installment of the Tom Cruise saga is currently underway in England, and it is the locals who are revealing the behind-the-scenes story.

The Shooting of Mission: Impossible is Delayed Due to a Royal Date

CINEMA NEWS – The shooting of the…
TECH NEWS - The European Commission announced the first legal framework for artificial intelligence (AI) almost a year ago. From now on, public authorities will be able to regulate and even withdraw AIs from the market, judging them by four categories: unacceptable, high risk, limited risk, and minimal risk.

Google Bard: A Mistake Cost Its Parent Company $100 Billion! 2

TECH NEWS – Alphabet flubbed with its…

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