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Jeff Ross, former director of Days Gone, has taken direct aim at local management

Days Gone: Did The Game Really Fail Because Of “Woke Critics”?!

The director of Days Gone has made…
Valve has so much faith in Microsoft that they don't even need to sign a long-term contract to keep Call of Duty on Steam after the Activision Blizzard acquisition.

Activision Blizzard Deal: Can Call Of Duty Stay On Steam?

Valve has so much faith in Microsoft…
Former Gears of War lead designer CliffyB has revealed some unreleased Locust designs that show how the race may have changed after the third game.

Would CliffyB Have Changed Locusts After Gears Of War 3?!

Former Gears of War lead designer CliffyB…
(WARNING, loud video!) A God of War fan decided to take some inspiration from Kratos and spice up his gym routine by using classic quick-time events. New Game

God Of War As Gym Inspiration?! This Fan Has Done Something Great [VIDEO]

(WARNING, loud video!) A God of War…
PREVIEW - Dead Island 2 is back from the dead, and a lot has changed since we last saw it.

Dead Island 2: Alexa Game Control Will Be Supported [VIDEO]

In addition to the pre-order bonuses, Deep…
The plaintiffs in the Activision Blizzard case now have the opportunity to file a complaint about the issues highlighted by the dismissal.

Call Of Duty: Nintendo Would Get It If Microsoft Had Acquired ActiBlizz!

The Redmond-based company already promises the stars…

Two monitors on one stand – we can position and move our screens in many…

TECH NEWS – Users’ demands for monitors…
It's not even derogatory to say such a thing, as the XCOM team is developing Marvel's Midnight Suns game!

Marvel’s Midnight Suns: A Dying Fan’s Last Wish Granted [VIDEO]

Game developer Firaxis has put together a…
According to Sakurai, update 13.0.1 introduced the latest tweaks we'll see for the game's characters

The Smash World Tour Case Twists Further: Panda Global’s CEO Has Been Moved

After Nintendo said that the organizers of…

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