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For the first time, we can see the "Filters" feature of Monster Hunter Rise for PC in action...

Monster Hunter Rise: Hunting Soon Begins On A New Platform?!

Monster Hunter Rise has been rumoured to…
According to Sakurai, update 13.0.1 introduced the latest tweaks we'll see for the game's characters

Nintendo Drops Smash World Tour: Did The Organisers Sabotage It?

The organizers of the Smash World Tour…
Borderlands 3 and its DLC are finally coming to Nintendo's hybrid platform - for real this time, according to a new rating list.

Borderlands 3: Finally Could Come Out A Long-Awaited Console Version?!

Borderlands 3 and its DLC are finally…
Warner Bros. has not yet commented on the latest Hogwarts Legacy leak.

Hogwarts Legacy: This Charms Professor Is Definitely Charming!

The Hogwarts Legacy introduces a friendly new…
The new The Settlers game was due to hit the shops but has been postponed indefinitely without further details.

The Settlers: New Allies: first on PC, then on consoles [VIDEO]

Ubisoft Blue Byte’s game has a release…
It's called Omega 6 and is currently only available in French Shortly afterward, he confirmed that the manga would get a game adaptation and that it already has a developer in the Japanese studio Happymeal.

Omega 6: F-Zero And Starfox Artist Working On A New Game

Another reason not to expect a new…
Firaxis Games has confirmed that Marvel's Midnight Suns will feature approximately 65,000 lines of voice-over dialogue throughout the game.

Midnight Suns: Shocking Figure Has Been Revealed About The Game! [VIDEO]

Firaxis Games has confirmed that Marvel’s Midnight…
Disco Elysium gets a nine out of ten, as it doesn't give a rat's ass about the trends and the current day. Instead, it is a decent CRPG.

Did The Studio’s CEO Illegally Gain A Majority Stake In ZA/UM?

The situation around the studio that has…
As Sonic Frontiers director Morio Kishimoto nears the game's release, he said the game's new direction would further develop the franchise.

Sonic Frontiers Will Be The Starting Point For The Next Sonic Games

The open-zone approach seen in Sonic Frontiers…

Pokémon Scarlet/Violet: An Incredible Number Of Retail Sales In Japan!

Ten million sales in the first three…

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