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Unreal Engine 5

Here’s Unreal Engine 5: Epic Games’ New Engine On A PlayStation 5 Tech Demo [VIDEO]

The Unreal Engine is going from version…
Empire Of Sin

Empire Of Sin: A Family Member In John Romero’s New Game [VIDEO]

Romero’s next game includes a real-life person…
Nintendo leak - Streaming is certainly interesting technology.

Nintendo Suffers A Significant Leak! [VIDEO]

Source codes, development documentations… it could be…
Aside from the Nintendo Switch Lite, which was announced this week, as well as the planned Switch upgrade, something else might be in the works at the big N.

Nintendo Switch: Good Results Now, But An Unsure Year Awaits The Big N

Nintendo’s newest fiscal earnings report includes new…
Resident Evil 8 status innovations

Will Resident Evil 8 Be The Darkest, Most Gruesome Entry In The Series?

The next new Resident Evil game in…
GDC Summer 2020

GDC Summer 2020: It’ll Be An All-Digital Event

The physical programs are off the table,…
Geralt of Rivia was never fully nude even in The Witcher 3, as the rating boards didn't necessarily accept nudity for the protagonist.

The Witcher: Why Is Geralt Never Nude? The Answer Is Revealed

He is someone that can easily bring…
Assassin's Creed saga - Assassin's Creed - We learned a few new numbers regarding Ubisoft's IP sales and player figures, favourable tot he Assassin's Creed series.

What is the highest rated game in the Assassin’s Creed saga? And the worst?

We review the ratings that each of…
Announced during the last Gamescom 2019, Port Royale 4 has announced its release date on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PS4.

Port Royale 4 Business Strategy Announces Release Date, Closed Beta, and Trailer

A returning PC classic that is also…

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