Sam Raimi's work is getting reimagined in the shape of a video game.

Evil Dead: The Game Won’t Launch This Year!

There’s still a few months to go…
The auction for Super Mario 64 surpasses the record set by The Legend of Zelda just a few days ago.

New record: NES copy of Super Mario Bros. sells for $2 million!

This time Super Mario is  the most…
Projects like these are what make the creativity of the Minecraft community shine.

This Zelda fan recreates the Breath of the Wild map in Minecraft: it’s over 60%…

Projects like these Zelda are what make…
Another Disney game by Square Enix (remember that they own Marvel), but this time, it's not going to be a live service title.

Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy: Introducing Lady Hellbender [VIDEO]

Is it a ruthless hunter in Marvel’s…
Super Mario Kart with circuit editor: discover many discarded features in a prototype. A modder has been the one who has managed to access the files of this prototype from 1991.

Discover Many Discarded Features in the Circuit Editor of the Super Mario Kart Prototype

Super Mario Kart with circuit editor: discover…
We look at the most important titles of the month, with Psychonauts 2 and No More Heroes 3 among the good August video games.

Action, Adventure, Strategy, and RPGs in August Video Games

We look at the most important titles…
Shin Megami Tensei V wasn't going to be overwhelmed by its spin-offs. After Atlus' big teasing for the numerous announcements related to Persona, the next SMT strikes back with a trailer dedicated to its storyline and characters.

Shin Megami Tensei V New Trailer With a New Character For the Nintendo Switch JRPG…

The new trailer from Shin Megami Tensei…
Capcom's white wolf enters Monster Hunter Rise with an Okami costume for the canynes and a new mission.

Monster Hunter Rise: A New, Exciting Collaboration with Okami

Capcom’s white wolf enters Monster Hunter Rise…
In the fourth quarter of this year, Disturbing Forest – a puzzle adventure game set in an original fantasy world – will debut on PC.

Disturbing Forest – It’s a fantasy adventure and a survival game in one

In the fourth quarter of this year,…